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We Listen. We Care. We Fight.


When it comes to any legal matter - your happiness, your livelihood, and your future are on the line. We focus on cases involving personal injury, such as slip-and-fall injury, car wreck injury, trucking accident injury, rideshare accident injury, bus accident injury, and other types of injury cases. We also handle some divorce, estate planning, and criminal defense cases. Without a skilled legal counsel you are at a disadvantage. You need someone on your side to navigate the legal obstacles, challenges, and help you get through the tough times. At The Julio Law Firm, we are dedicated to getting the justice you deserve. Our motto is, "our!" With our knowledge and experience on your side, you can let us handle your case while you focus on recovering. 

Our practice areas describe the array of legal disciplines, in which we specialize. If you have been injured in an accident, give us a call at (210) 775 – HURT for your free consultation.


At the Julio Law Firm, we take great pride in representing individuals who have suffered different types of injury in auto accidents in San Antonio and across Texas. Our mission in each and every case is to provide our clients with the utmost level of legal representation so that a maximum level of financial compensation is received. Our lawyers will provide you with years of experience in the field of auto accidents, including truck crashes, pedestrian and bicycle collisions. Our attorneys will travel anywhere within Texas to provide victims with expert legal consultation regarding their case.


Here at Julio Law Firm, we recognize legal issues involving your family can be emotionally distressing. That’s why we will work closely with you through every stage of your case to provide you reliable representation no matter how complex your case may be. We can represent you in various aspects of Texas family law. We represent clients in San Antoni and surrounding communities.


One of the most important gifts you can offer your loved ones is a clear plan for the future. While it is impossible to plan many aspects of life, it is possible to make your wishes known regarding disbursement of your finances and your healthcare. At the Julio Law Firm, we provide the comprehensive and personalized guidance you need to plan for the future and protect the financial and emotional well being of your loved ones. 


A conviction for driving while intoxicated can lead to very serious consequences. Some of these consequences include a driver’s license suspension, jail time, steep fines, community service, Texas DPS surcharges, probation, and an increased premium on your car insurance. These penalties can have a disastrous impact on your life moving forward. However, being arrested for any offense does not necessarily mean that it will lead to a conviction. In the event that you are arrested and charged with DWI, it is vital that you contact a qualified Texas defense attorney who may be able to find inconsistencies or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which could lead to a reduction or dismissal of your charges.

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